Monthly Bangers: June 2017

Whilst June offered some fleeting moments of respite for those whose faith in humanity had been all but shredded to pieces, it still resulted in everybody who isn’t an austerity-loving prick sinking into despair as our beloved prime minister assumedly discovered the ‘infinite bells’ glitch from Animal Crossing and bought her way back into power. But hey, there were still bangers, so let’s end it on a high with some of those.

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Monthly Bangers: May 2017

May is a shit month cuz our Prime Minister is called May and she’s an idiot, but there’s been some bangers this month so here they are. Continue reading “Monthly Bangers: May 2017”

The New Gorillaz Album Is Probably Gonna Be Great Y’all

2017 has been the year of remarkable comebacks, hip hop has fully embraced whimsical flutes, Future finally switched back into hype mode with HNDRXX and even Sonic 06 doesn’t seem all bad following an incredible sample on Drake X Giggs banger ‘KMT’. Continue reading “The New Gorillaz Album Is Probably Gonna Be Great Y’all”

10 Funniest Episodes of Over/Under

If you’re unfamiliar with the format of Pitchfork’s Over/Under video series, it’s pretty simple. They give an artist some topics and they have to decide whether it’s overrated or underrated. It’s simple, slightly ridiculous but almost always funny, so we’ve compiled a list of our ten favourite episodes of Over/Under. Continue reading “10 Funniest Episodes of Over/Under”

Highlights From Vince Staples’ Hilarious Q&A

We’ve already told you how funny Vince Staples is and yesterday evening he was at it again in a Q&A session at Coachella for Twitter Music. Questions ranged from ‘boxers or briefs?’ to ‘why do you look 35?’, and obviously a couple of Sprite-based questions made it in there. Here are the highlights. Continue reading “Highlights From Vince Staples’ Hilarious Q&A”

10 Times Vince Staples Was Lowkey the Funniest Rapper

Kanye once said that rappers are the new rockstars. We say rappers are the new comedians. ODB (R.I.P) was one. Danny Brown is one. Y’all probably know how funny we think RiFF RAFF is by now. However, one rapper is making a name for himself when it comes to giving us the giggles, and his name is Vince Staples. Here’s 10 times he made us choke on our own spit. Continue reading “10 Times Vince Staples Was Lowkey the Funniest Rapper”