UTM Podcast #12: Onawhole’nother Level

What better way to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the UTM Podcast than a repeat (with slightly less production issues) of the podcast that got this shitshow on the road in the first place?

After a brief run through our picks from last year – including a touching lamentation for a particular entry into the Total War franchise that unfortunately didn’t see the light of day – we get stuck into discussing the albums and games that we’re most anticipating in 2018.

From new releases from both industry big-hitters and artists on the cusp of breaking through to long-awaited superhero video game comebacks and point-and-click deconstructions of the American Dream with voice acting from Sting, there’s plenty to get excited about – even if the urge to sink even more hours into the recently released Monster Hunter: World constantly threatens to put the podcast to an abrupt end…

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UTM Podcast #7: Get On The Point

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