Korean Rappers, American Collaborations & International Success

When Keith Ape dropped ‘It G Ma’, much attention was placed on it due to its similarity to American hip hop, allowing it to transcend a language barrier via familiarity. Continue reading “Korean Rappers, American Collaborations & International Success”

UTM Discuss: Do Rappers Need To Be Good?

Some rappers are awe inspiring (#TYBG), some rappers are complete trash and some rappers are RiFF RAFF. But in the internet age, does the quality of a rapper really matter? Drake comparing his swimming pool to Kanye’s is far more tweetable and notable than discussion about rap virtuosos. The UTM editors got together to figure out if a rapper’s tone, flow and lyricism have to be high quality for music to be worthwhile and, in the process, we discussed autotune, political lyrics and Stitches.

Continue reading “UTM Discuss: Do Rappers Need To Be Good?”

UTM Discuss: Separating The Art From The Artist

People are dicks, there’s no two ways about it. Whilst PRs, record labels and tabloids might want you to think that people in cool/successful bands are somehow above being terrible, terrible people; they would be wrong. Continue reading “UTM Discuss: Separating The Art From The Artist”

RiFF RAFF List: His 5 Most Inspirational Lyrics

Rap is full of inspirational fellows, including, obviously, our reigning basedgod Lil B, Kanye (yes, he fucking is), and Future, if you feel inspired by bangers and bad decisions that is. Somehow RiFF RAFF is rarely namechecked as an inspiration, I blame dad rap loving hiphopheads (as I do for everything bad in this world.) Continue reading “RiFF RAFF List: His 5 Most Inspirational Lyrics”

RiFF RAFF LIST: The Best Of “Rap Game…”

I’m pretty upset at the internet this week, I was originally planning on putting out my magnum opus of RiFF RAFF list – a beautifully put together collection of fan arts and fan fictions starring the aquaberry admiral. However, for some fucking reason, I cannot find a single heartbreaking tale of love between RiFF RAFF and DJ Khaled. Continue reading “RiFF RAFF LIST: The Best Of “Rap Game…””