Plays for a Pound: Happy Feet

UTM is collectively broke, a massive barrier for us game fanatics, however, this has inspired this new feature, Plays for a Pound. This sees us delve into CEX’s PS2 library, hunting for games that cost 100 pennies or less, dissecting the merits of said game and ultimately search for enjoyment on a meagre budget. Continue reading “Plays for a Pound: Happy Feet”

UTM Discuss: Our Favourite Horror Games

Halloween is approaching, and honestly, it’s more like UTM’s Christmas. It’s our excuse to dig up our favourite spooky childhood memories and delve into discussions on all things horror. Continue reading “UTM Discuss: Our Favourite Horror Games”

How Wolfenstein’s Marketing Can Help Give Video Games A Political Reality-Check

It has often proved futile to attribute any real-world meaning to the works of large video game developers. Most likely due to an attempt to refrain from causing offence to any key demographic, Continue reading “How Wolfenstein’s Marketing Can Help Give Video Games A Political Reality-Check”