10 Of The Funniest Rap Verses

At UTM, we’re constantly telling you that rappers are hilarious, we’ve had a discussion about it, provided clips as evidence and, of course, compiled RiFF RAFF list. However, this time round we felt it’s important to highlight the verses that always have us spitting out our cereal. Whether it’s cause they’re dumb or witty, here’s ten of the funniest verses we could find.

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10 Underappreciated Rap Verses

There are so many ‘GREATEST RAP VERSES OF ALL TIME EVER’ lists out there, and they all feature rappers like Tupac, Biggie, Eminem, Nas and other rappers that dads and those insufferable ‘I only listen to old school hip hop’  listen to. It’s 2016. Continue reading “10 Underappreciated Rap Verses”

Lyrics Make You Feel Things

Lyrics. They’re the first thing your ears pick up on as a child, and all dreams of being a popstar/rockstar start with a hairbrush in hand, a mirror and an out of time, out of tune squeaky voice. It can take a while for your brain to catch up with your ears and start thinking about why you resonate with particular lyrics, but it’s a worthy pursuit.  Continue reading “Lyrics Make You Feel Things”