Games We Grew Up On: Final Fantasy VII

Way back in 1997, I got my first Playstation. This was my first ‘serious’ games console; to be fair, it was THE first serious games console. It marked a departure from 2D pixellated gaming to 3D, high octane, pixelated gaming. Entire towns would lock up their daughters and shoot their sons when one of the neighborhood bad boys got his hands on a PS1. Continue reading “Games We Grew Up On: Final Fantasy VII”

Why Final Fantasy IX is the Most Overlooked Final Fantasy

Debating Final Fantasy games is a fucking mess, because there are always specific kinds of people that debate FF games. The one we’re all familiar with is the Final Fantasy VII fuckboy who trashes every other game because they haven’t played them anyway. There’s the FFVI purist who makes a convincing argument – until the FFVII fuckboy shouts “GO SUPLEX A TRAIN!” There’s also the FFVIII super fan who usually stays in the corner, writing Story of the Year lyrics inside a Death Note notebook. Continue reading “Why Final Fantasy IX is the Most Overlooked Final Fantasy”