10 Of The Funniest Rap Verses

At UTM, we’re constantly telling you that rappers are hilarious, we’ve had a discussion about it, provided clips as evidence and, of course, compiled RiFF RAFF list. However, this time round we felt it’s important to highlight the verses that always have us spitting out our cereal. Whether it’s cause they’re dumb or witty, here’s ten of the funniest verses we could find.

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UTM Discuss: Do Rappers Need To Be Good?

Some rappers are awe inspiring (#TYBG), some rappers are complete trash and some rappers are RiFF RAFF. But in the internet age, does the quality of a rapper really matter? Drake comparing his swimming pool to Kanye’s is far more tweetable and notable than discussion about rap virtuosos. The UTM editors got together to figure out if a rapper’s tone, flow and lyricism have to be high quality for music to be worthwhile and, in the process, we discussed autotune, political lyrics and Stitches.

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Lyrical Subjects That Will Always Be Trash

A few months back we published a piece about the power of lyrics and the special lyricists behind them. But, here at UTM, we never like to leave things on a positive note, so this time round we dissected the lyrics from our favourite (and least favourite) genres of music, Continue reading “Lyrical Subjects That Will Always Be Trash”