Watch Our Editor Waste his Money on Overwatch Loot Boxes

Our editor, Nathan, has been completely obsessed with getting the Overwatch Summer Games skins. When the end of the event drew nearer, he started making jokes about buying loot boxes with real money, and it was pretty funny because who spends money on cosmetic items?!

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The Proposed Changes to Mercy are Bullshit

The heroes of Overwatch have been going through some pretty major changes recently. Reaper became Boss Man Brawler with his lifesteal, and Roadhog became an insignificant pile of pork after his defining character trait, the one-shot hook kill combo, was nerfed beyond recognition. Nerfing and buffing to achieve balance in Overwatch is absolutely necessary, but the current Reaper and Roadhog show how things can go right, and how they can go very wrong.

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