Cop or Nah? Metal Gear Solid V

You would often use words like stealth, survival and linearity to describe games of the Metal Gear series, although Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain took a different direction, offering an open world, action-adventure type of game with an emphasis on player choice. Continue reading “Cop or Nah? Metal Gear Solid V”

Blue Reflection Emphasises The Fortes & Flaws Of The Modern Day JRPG

Blue Reflection marks a slight departure for Koei Tecmo’s generally JRPG-focused division Gust. It partially foregoes the fantastical setting of their previous titles like Atelier and Nights of Azure and instead opts to tell the bulk of its story via a high school in modern-day Japan.

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Dream Daddy & The Future Of YouTuber Gaming Collaborations

When Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator was initially revealed back on Father’s Day (of course) this year, it’s not entirely conjecture to state that a lot of people were sceptical of the title upon its reveal. Continue reading “Dream Daddy & The Future Of YouTuber Gaming Collaborations”