Games We Grew Up On: Final Fantasy VII

Way back in 1997, I got my first Playstation. This was my first ‘serious’ games console; to be fair, it was THE first serious games console. It marked a departure from 2D pixellated gaming to 3D, high octane, pixelated gaming. Entire towns would lock up their daughters and shoot their sons when one of the neighborhood bad boys got his hands on a PS1. Continue reading “Games We Grew Up On: Final Fantasy VII”

Skepta Drops New Track ‘Man (Gang)’

Building on the hype and anticipation surrounding the recent announcement of the tracklist from upcoming album Konnichiwa, world-storming grime artist Skepta has dropped ‘Man (Gang)’, the first single from the highly anticipated album. Continue reading “Skepta Drops New Track ‘Man (Gang)’”

Music For Cats

This is my cat Sami, the other day she jumped into a window and saw another cat off out the garden, it was jokes. Sami is also a lover of music. Much like humans, cats can enjoy a wide range of music, as well as display emotions and communicate just like real people, only with way more dilation of pupils and movements of the ears and shit, some dude’s even come up with an album full of music designed for cats. Continue reading “Music For Cats”

Flux Pavilion @ O2 Academy, Bournemouth – 3rd December

It’s not illogical to assume that most artists would opt to postpone or even cancel a tour should they suffer an injury to the extent of a broken arm. Tonight, however, Flux Pavilion strides out into his elaborate turntable booth with a gleaming smile, one arm waving to the booze-fuelled student types that for the most part comprise his crowd, the other rendered completely unusable in a cast and sling. Continue reading “Flux Pavilion @ O2 Academy, Bournemouth – 3rd December”

Childish Gambino – ‘Because the Internet’

Few artists within the hip-hop community would even attempt to produce an album accompanied by a mammoth 72-page narrative screenplay, but then again few artists boast a resume for the creative arts quite as impressive as actor/writer/rapper Donald Glover, a.k.a. Childish Gambino. Continue reading “Childish Gambino – ‘Because the Internet’”

Eminem – ‘The Marshall Mathers LP2’

Announcing his new album as a sequel to 2000’s classic ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’ could have gone two ways for Eminem: either it would breathe new life into the former face of the rapper’s slumping career, thrusting him back into the conversation of Hip-Hop’s best as he recaptures the magic that made the world fall in love with him in the first place, or it would come across as a desperate attempt to claw back his own relevancy and edge. Continue reading “Eminem – ‘The Marshall Mathers LP2’”