If Rappers Made TV Shows

Rappers headlining their own TV Shows is becoming far more common recently, Action Bronson is devouring food around the world with Fuck, That’s Delicious, a mischievous Tyler, The Creator is discovering how his favourite things work in Nuts + Bolts and VICELAND prove that they fuck with Kevin Abstract with American Boyband. Continue reading “If Rappers Made TV Shows”

Shofu’s Trap Ketchum Is A Passion Project That Obliterates Its Competition

It’s an auspicious coincidence that Trap Ketchum – the Pokémon-themed debut project from video game YouTuber extraordinaire Shofu – shared a release date with In Tongues, the first commercial EP from lo-fi singer-songwriter Joji. Continue reading “Shofu’s Trap Ketchum Is A Passion Project That Obliterates Its Competition”

Spooky Bangers

What’s the spookiest night of the year without a playlist full of bangers that’ll make you simultaneously turn up and shit your pants? Here’s UTM’s homage to the tracks that go bump in the whip night. Continue reading “Spooky Bangers”

Best Verse from Each Brockhampton Member

Everytime Brockhampton drops another amazing track, the UTM team begins debate on which member took the best verse trophy, with us all coming to wildly different conclusions.  Continue reading “Best Verse from Each Brockhampton Member”