Best Verse from Each Brockhampton Member

Everytime Brockhampton drops another amazing track, the UTM team begins debate on which member took the best verse trophy, which us all coming to wildly different conclusions.  Continue reading “Best Verse from Each Brockhampton Member”

Kanye West: A Definitive Ranking

Here at UTM, we’re bloody sick of seeing deeply inaccurate Kanye rankings, ones in which his initial trilogy of albums are seen as sacred and placed above his extraordinary latter work. Continue reading “Kanye West: A Definitive Ranking”

Hey, Anime Openings Can Be Bangers Too, Okay?

There’s probably a guy amongst your friend group that wouldn’t hesitate to call you a filthy weeb if he caught you listening to anything remotely anime-related. Continue reading “Hey, Anime Openings Can Be Bangers Too, Okay?”