Life Lessons from People Just Do Nothing

The fourth season of People Just Do Nothing is finally here. The mockumentary that follows members of pirate radio station Kurupt FM started some seven years ago as a webseries, and has risen astronomically in reputation ever since its pilot on BBC Three.

While it does poke a lot of fun at weed-smoking, old-school garage nuts and business moguls with questionable citizenship, there are actually quite a lot of nuggets of wisdom to be found. We’ve listed some of the best below.

Blind Them with the Bling – Chabuddy’s Boxing Tips

It’s hard to know what to do in a fight. You can attempt to trick your opponent into thinking you know about boxing by emulating Muhammad Ali’s movements and get them to back down, or you can take Chabuddy’s adwice and use whatever you’ve got. Blind them with the bling.

Keep Practicing and Smoke a Lot of Weed – Music Production 101 with Grindah

You don’t get to be the biggest pirate radio station in the Brentford area without putting in work. You’ll probably never be as good as Kurupt FM Head Honcho MC Grindah, so fuck off, basically. But if you do want to try, you’ve just got to keep smoking weed. Simple.

Making Cash Money, Bro – Chabuddy’s Foolproof Way of Increasing Value

Although they’re on very different shows, one thing Chabuddy G and Dr. Amp from Twin Peaks have in common is this: spray painting anything gold will triple its value INSTANTLY. Works on both buckets and spades.

Let’s Have a Nice Glass of Pimps – Chabuddy’s Multi-Purpose DIY

If you’re doing a spot of DIY, don’t be the simple-minded bhenchod who only builds something with one function. Make a bloody barbecue out of it and crack open a bottle of Pimps!

Do Whatever, Basically – Grindah’s Life Advice

We’ve saved the most profound, the realest advice until last.







It might get you in a bit of debt, but it’s a good motto.

Nathan Butler

Artists We’d Like to Soundtrack Horror Films

If you’re anything like us, you probably listen to music or watch films, pondering the vast amount of time put into the project and the blood, sweat and tears along with it… and think, “yeah I could make it better than that.” Continue reading “Artists We’d Like to Soundtrack Horror Films”

UTM’s Favourite Japanese Films

Aside from our love/hatred of music, the thing that bonds us together at UTM is our appreciation for Japanese cinema. We’ve lost countless hours to Crunchyroll and spent entire nights out sitting in a dark corner of a club enthusing about Kurosawa’s legacy.
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The New Cast of Twin Peaks Revealed

Today, the official cast of the new season of Twin Peaks was revealed, and it’s a heck of a list. The new season, premiering on Showtime in 2017, will feature a cast numbering at a staggering 217. Some old faces and fan favourites return, including everyone’s favourite detective Dale Cooper (played by Kyle MacLachlan), Denise Bryson (David Duchovny) and Shelly Johnson (Mädchen Amick). Continue reading “The New Cast of Twin Peaks Revealed”

11 Of The Best Anime Soundtracks

We at Up The Monitors are weebs, massive weebs. Well, some of us are. In this day and age it’s socially acceptable to watch anime as long as you don’t mix it in with regularly wearing a fursuit, even Chief Keef watches anime. We also like music, so with no further ado, here is a list of our favourite anime soundtracks:

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Peep Show, A Retrospective

Whilst we could have written a Buzzfeed list of our top 10 favourite moments from Peep Show, we’re not going to for two reasons; Number one being that we’re not shit munchers (hopefully neither are you) and number two being that every single moment of Peep Show, every single second of the saga of the El Dude brothers (wooowooo) has been a totally unmissable and unparalleled narrative on the very duality of man. Continue reading “Peep Show, A Retrospective”