UTM Discuss: The Current (and Future) State of RPGs

RPGs have come a long way from the pixelated, turn-based cutefests of yesteryear. Nowadays, we see vast worlds hosting a plethora of individual characters, and players have ultimate freedom to kill people, burn shit or fuck everything off to settle down and have kids.
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UTM Discuss: Do Rappers Need To Be Good?

Some rappers are awe inspiring (#TYBG), some rappers are complete trash and some rappers are RiFF RAFF. But in the internet age, does the quality of a rapper really matter? Drake comparing his swimming pool to Kanye’s is far more tweetable and notable than discussion about rap virtuosos. The UTM editors got together to figure out if a rapper’s tone, flow and lyricism have to be high quality for music to be worthwhile and, in the process, we discussed autotune, political lyrics and Stitches.

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UTM Discuss: Separating The Art From The Artist

People are dicks, there’s no two ways about it. Whilst PRs, record labels and tabloids might want you to think that people in cool/successful bands are somehow above being terrible, terrible people; they would be wrong. Continue reading “UTM Discuss: Separating The Art From The Artist”

UTM Discuss: The Role of Music Journalism Today

Here we go again.

Music journalists like to feel valuable too, so once in a while, someone will publish the classic ‘Is Music Criticism Still Necessary?’ article in a cry for affirmation, much like a high school teen fishing for compliments from friends with a “:(” Facebook post. It’s been done 1,583,129 times since the internet ruined the golden age of music journalism’s revered ‘gatekeeper’ status, and no one really cares except the music journalists. Continue reading “UTM Discuss: The Role of Music Journalism Today”