Bel Esprit Talk Common People and Festival Do’s + Don’ts

In the build up to this year’s Common People, we listed 6 acts we’re looking forward to seeing, which included Southampton’s own Bel Esprit. We reached out to them for a quick interview, and they kindly obliged.  Continue reading “Bel Esprit Talk Common People and Festival Do’s + Don’ts”

The Scribes: “Bentleys and ‘Rap God’ status would be nice”

“If you listen to a lot of London hip-hop it all sounds the same. “ DJ Kenny Hectyc is saddened to admit, “It’s a shame we have a culture in hip-hop worldwide where it’s OK to bite other people’s styles.” However, Hectyc is actually an authority on breaking copycat culture, as few are challenging hip-hop conventions in the same way as his group, The Scribes. Continue reading “The Scribes: “Bentleys and ‘Rap God’ status would be nice””

Body Cheetah: ‘Jealousy Will Kill You’

“I really can’t stop, for my own good. There is, and always will be more to be made.”

James Kristofik is an incredibly ambitious guy, almost to a fault. His dinky ‘psycho-swagger’ jams under his Body Cheetah guise have a peculiar charm, finding themselves locked somewhere in a Lynchian dreamscape that could only have come from his own mind despite claiming that he loves David Lynch ‘more than soft boxer-briefs’. Continue reading “Body Cheetah: ‘Jealousy Will Kill You’”

Azizi Gibson: ‘We Gotta Open up at Least Five New Boxes’

No matter how glamorous the life of a musician may seem from the public perspective, the toil that comes with turning pipe dreams into reality is something most people can relate to. “I work all night from 10pm – 7am.” Azizi Gibson opens wearily. The time is currently 11am PST , meaning the California-based rapper left work a mere four hours ago.

Continue reading “Azizi Gibson: ‘We Gotta Open up at Least Five New Boxes’”

Cholombian: ‘I make music for myself’

“Honestly I couldn’t pick one highlight” admits Cholombian as he attempts to recall the busy year that made up his 2013. It’s understandable enough – the Southampton-based producer was met with an overwhelming surge of support last year which pushed his self-proclaimed “R&B and Hip-Hop with cinematic elements” to a wider audience than he had ever imagined. Continue reading “Cholombian: ‘I make music for myself’”