The New Cast of Twin Peaks Revealed

Today, the official cast of the new season of Twin Peaks was revealed, and it’s a heck of a list. The new season, premiering on Showtime in 2017, will feature a cast numbering at a staggering 217. Some old faces and fan favourites return, including everyone’s favourite detective Dale Cooper (played by Kyle MacLachlan), Denise Bryson (David Duchovny) and Shelly Johnson (Mädchen Amick). Continue reading “The New Cast of Twin Peaks Revealed”

11 Of The Best Anime Soundtracks

We at Up The Monitors are weebs, massive weebs. Well, some of us are. In this day and age it’s socially acceptable to watch anime as long as you don’t mix it in with regularly wearing a fursuit, even Chief Keef watches anime. We also like music, so with no further ado, here is a list of our favourite anime soundtracks:

Continue reading “11 Of The Best Anime Soundtracks”

The X-Files: A Legacy

The 90’s was an awesome time for television science fiction, whilst the 80’s spawned a lot of pulpy(and not so pulpy) blockbusters like Terminator, Bladerunner and Aliens; science fiction TV was arguably lax, stuck in the 1960’s(just try to watch the first couple of seasons of Star Trek The Next Generation). Continue reading “The X-Files: A Legacy”

Peep Show, A Retrospective

Whilst we could have written a Buzzfeed list of our top 10 favourite moments from Peep Show, we’re not going to for two reasons; Number one being that we’re not shit munchers (hopefully neither are you) and number two being that every single moment of Peep Show, every single second of the saga of the El Dude brothers (wooowooo) has been a totally unmissable and unparalleled narrative on the very duality of man. Continue reading “Peep Show, A Retrospective”