Games We Grew Up On: Final Fantasy VII

Way back in 1997, I got my first Playstation. This was my first ‘serious’ games console; to be fair, it was THE first serious games console. It marked a departure from 2D pixellated gaming to 3D, high octane, pixelated gaming. Entire towns would lock up their daughters and shoot their sons when one of the neighborhood bad boys got his hands on a PS1. Continue reading “Games We Grew Up On: Final Fantasy VII”

Why Final Fantasy IX is the Most Overlooked Final Fantasy

Debating Final Fantasy games is a fucking mess, because there are always specific kinds of people that debate FF games. The one we’re all familiar with is the Final Fantasy VII fuckboy who trashes every other game because they haven’t played them anyway. There’s the FFVI purist who makes a convincing argument – until the FFVII fuckboy shouts “GO SUPLEX A TRAIN!” There’s also the FFVIII super fan who usually stays in the corner, writing Story of the Year lyrics inside a Death Note notebook. Continue reading “Why Final Fantasy IX is the Most Overlooked Final Fantasy”

UTM Discuss: The Current (and Future) State of RPGs

RPGs have come a long way from the pixelated, turn-based cutefests of yesteryear. Nowadays, we see vast worlds hosting a plethora of individual characters, and players have ultimate freedom to kill people, burn shit or fuck everything off to settle down and have kids.
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Frustrating Video Games Are Ultimately Rewarding

Ever wondered why some video game characters seem to be able to take down multiple foes with ease? Sure, for games like God Of War this may make sense considering the protagonist is a hugely strong demigod, but when it comes to a series like Assassin’s Creed, all it takes is a monotonous combination of blocking and countering to take down dozens of enemies one-by-one without losing much health at all. Continue reading “Frustrating Video Games Are Ultimately Rewarding”

Games We Grew Up On – Resident Evil 4

Every Resident Evil game before Resident Evil 4 was either too scary for my brain to process or too fiddly for my uncoordinated hands to play. I fucking shat myself when Nemesis jumped through a window in the police station, and the combination of the faeces smudging against my buttcheeks and my trembling, preteen hands rendered me unable to play Resident Evil 3 any longer. Continue reading “Games We Grew Up On – Resident Evil 4”

KOTOR 2: Why We Shouldn’t Always Hate on Broken Games

Videogames have been, can be and will be broken pieces of shit, ever since the commercial release of the first videogame, unplayable, unfinished pieces of shit have plagued the videogame industry and have arguably downplayed the game’s importance and legitimacy as an artform. The definition of a piece of shit is a very abstract one, it can be any combination of drastic optimization errors, unresponsive controls, money-grabbing publisher pressures or just plain old lazy developers.

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