About Us

Up The Monitors is a music and entertainment blog covering the most intriguing music from across the genre spectrum (boring white dudes with guitars not included), along with all the video game, film and televisual coverage you filthy millennials could want. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and you shouldn’t either.

Connor Cass, Features Editor – lives, and will die by, the ‘banger’.

Richard Lowe, Entertainment Editor – the metal. who hates metal.

Joshua Pauley, Podcast Director – the guy who has the tough task of turning verbal spaghetti into a listenable podcast. You should send £20 to his PayPal.

Nathan Butler, Editor – Bro Man of the Year, 2016. Founder of Anime Defence League. Key leader in the Destroy Pop Punk movement.

Joe Price, Man – just makes jokes about cum, tbh.

Mark Palmer, Honorary Man –  catch him running away from chicks in the 6, forever killin’ it.

Contact us: utmeditors@gmail.com

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