UTM Plays: Worms Battlegrounds – Rap Battle Royale!

To answer the question on no one’s mind, we chose the four most influential groups from across the globe, created them in Worms Battlegrounds and made them fight it out to see who really is the best.

Nathan was saddled with Migos, the triplet titans from Georgia, and probably the group with the most obvious star power… even though Culture II was trash.

Joe got to play as Brockhampton, AKA the best boy band in the world. Their meteoric rise to fame following a year of grinding out three incredible albums has been well documented (mostly by Joe), therefore their place in the rap battle royale is indisputable.

Connor lucked out with Higher Brothers, his obvious favourite group. Thanks to 88Rising, the channel promoting Asian music for the benefit of the west, the Chinese rap group are taking the world by storm. We’ve included them in a vast majority of our Monthly Bangers, so you know they stay with the heat.

As for the last group, it’s not strictly rap, but we had to try and get some representation for the U.K., so we threw Boy Better Know in there to make it more of an international stage. Josh had the pleasure of taking the outsiders who aren’t really known for their group work, but the likes of SkeptaJme and now even Drake get to call BBK home so individually, they make up a pretty stellar squad.

We’d just like to say that this is a 100% binding battle royale, and that whoever wins is legitimately the undisputed, best international rap group. Check the vid below to see who wins.

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