UTM Podcast #13: Trap & Switch

They say 13’s unlucky for some – and in this case it’s you, the listeners, as this edition of the UTM Podcast sees the gang all together in the same room at varying degrees of sobriety.

Whilst the age-old goofs are there in abundance, we do also manage to have a few interesting conversations about some music and video game-related topics. First up, we discuss whether or not it’s time to call time on trap music after a slew of middling releases – such as MigosCulture II and Lil Yachty‘s Lil Boat 2 – have seemingly suggested there’s little originality or excitement left to prise from the genre. After that, we give our thoughts on the latest Nintendo Direct and weigh up whether the company’s continued practice of porting over Wii U titles is to their own detriment – as well as their ever expanding consumer base.

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