UTM Podcast #11: The Final Podcast

We’ve discussed some of the most pivotal albums and video games of the year, hosted a few quizzes of questionable legitimacy and spoken way too profusely about cum – but alas, we’ve finally reached the end of our journey with the UTM Podcast…

…at least for 2017, anyway. For our final podcast of this godforsaken year, we reminisce over everything that’s happened with Up The Monitors since our relaunch at the beginning of the year. From our on-trend pivot to video, our newfound commitment to bringing the readers the anime content they deserve and the many, many times 88rising alumni have popped up in Monthly Bangers, we delve into all the things on our beloved site that caused us great joy and great pain – and share a few behind-the-scenes tidbits along the way.

A massive thanks to everybody who’s read an article, watched a video and sat down to listen to the podcast throughout 2017. We’ve still got a few best of lists to round off our coverage for the year, but we’ll be spending the rest of the holidays taking some much needed chill time – and making preparations to bring you bigger and better content in 2018!

Catch up on previous episodes of the UTM Podcast here:

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