ANIM8OS #2: Gamers!

We hope you’ve got your gamer fuel at the ready, ‘cuz this month’s ANIM8OS – now with 100% more anime – is totally L33T!

For the follow up to the debut episode of our brand new anime podcast, we donned our best gaming headsets and sat down to discuss Gamers! – the hit anime rom com of the summer that had all the REAL gamers out there equally enthralled and infuriated.

There’s plenty of praise for the way the show handles character development, its dumb humour and the strides it takes to pique the interest of gaming nerds everywhere, but there’s also plenty of gamer rage hurled towards its unwillingness to free itself from a repeating myriad of misunderstandings. If there was ever a rom com manifestation of trolling, this would be the one!

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