UTM Podcast #10: Another Fair & Balanced Quiz

We went and did another bloody quiz, didn’t we?! Back due to popular demand (but mostly because we had no other ideas), the Fair & Balanced UTM Quiz promises great questions, great gaffes and not so great answers. 

There’s been a change in hosts due to allegations of bribery and illegal dog points towards our previous Quiz Master, Nathan. So this time, Joe picks up the mantle in the hopes that this time it won’t end in disgrace.

The quiz pits the Hentie Boys (Nathan, Rich and Tom) against the White Tigers (Mark, Connor and Josh) and tests their knowledge of music/film/TV-related producers, frogs and dogs. It becomes quite clear though, that one of the Hentie Boys is carrying the other two as dead weight, as questions are met with flippancy and memes.

Audio quality aside (everyone being in the same room sucks), this quiz is infinitely more hilarious than the last. Check it out below:

Catch up on the previous podcasts, including the last podcast, here:


Listen here for whatever reason:

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