ANIM8OS #1: Neo Yokio

UTM’s only gone and bloody doubled down on anime – we’re launching an anime podcast, the ingeniously-titled ANIM8OS!

We break in our brand spankin’ new podcast with a jovial chat about a lil ol’ show by the name of Neo Yokio – the anime(?) written by Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Kroenig, produced by Studio Deen and Production I.G and launched as a Netflix original. We comb through our likes and dislikes of the show, ponder why there’s such a copious amount of Richard Ayoade and admire the phenomenal presence that is Jude Law the Mecha.

We’re hoping to run ANIM8OS as regularly as the UTM Podcast – so if you’ve got any suggestions for shows you want us to cover in future episodes, make sure to let us know via the UTM social media channels. Please don’t suggest stuff that is 800+ episodes long or only accessible via torrent/flea market sale, though!

Don’t forget to subscribe to UTM’s YouTube channel if you haven’t already for more video content and subscribe to us on iTunes to make sure you never miss an episode of the UTM Podcast – or ANIM8OS!

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