UTM Podcast #9: Put A Cake In ‘Yer Bluehole

We’ve managed to avoid getting squirmy finished – go watch our Peach Beach Splash video for more on that, uh, ‘pleasure’ – just long enough to record another edition of the UTM Podcast!

Kicking off this month’s podcast is a divisive conversation revolving around longtime UTM-faves Run The Jewels. They’ve been raking in the $$$ recently with FIFA, Gears of War and Rick & Morty collaborations and some of the crew feel exploring these new avenues has been detrimental to their musical output. The rest of us, however, are happy for Killer Mike & El-P to keep jewel-running their way to the bank – we even suggest some bold new ideas for RTJ-themed goods.

Also up for discussion is the ongoing battle between Bluehole’s record-breaking PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Epic Games’ Fortnite, which recently unveiled a PUBG-style battle mode for consoles – much to the chagrin of the former and their PC-exclusive title. The legality and morality of Epic’s opportunistic grab both come into question, but there’s also a consensus that Bluehole got themselves into this mess with their own poor decisions.

You can listen to the UTM Podcast via YouTube and iTunes – this month there’s a special easter egg in the YouTube version! Make sure to subscribe to both to check out the rest of our content and ensure you never miss a podcast.

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