5 Under 5000: The Voices and Feelings of Canada

Despite the fact SoundCloud has had struggled financially recently (thank you Chance, I guess) it remains as one of best ways to access unique and underappreciated music. We’ve decided to spotlight five artist who haven’t yet hit the milestone of 5000 SoundCloud followers, but really should’ve by now. For the inaugural 5 under 5000, UTM explores various Canadian voices as well as Swedish synth pop.


When we think of Montreal, we’d struggle recall a hip hop voice that defines the region, a role Wasiu is hoping to fulfil as he has proclaimed himself – “I make music to give my city a voice, to give minorities a voice, to give black people a voice, to give me a voice.” He definitely makes a strong case for himself on his recent Snow Mexican EP (which lyrically skewers Donald Trump’s weird ass relationship with his daughter) by presenting a multifaceted rapper who is confident with being cold and hard hitting on ‘Snow Mexican’ while also being able to host a melodic twinkle on ‘MTLIEN’.


If Wasiu is the voice of Montreal then Munno expresses the feel of the city. His most notable feat is having his EP, Arc, hosted on Ryan Hemsworth’s small artist exposure platform, Secret Songs. This link makes perfect musical sense, given both artist share a penchant for emotive electronic soundscapes, however Munno comes off far more subdued and icy. Both his own music, such as the longing piano ‘Never Forget’, and his remixes, like the muted spaciousness of Desiigner’s ‘Timmy Turner’, reveal an artist with an ear for melody and heart of sadness.


Dream wandering, Tel-Aviv based artist Totemo has been fairly quiet on SoundCloud for the past year, but this period of silence is the perfect time to get familiar with her duo of excellent EPs. Heavy As My Dreams is the more captivating release carving out ghostly atmospheres built from light percussion and wondrous synths, with the lyrically ominous and vocally charming ‘Host’ being a notable highlight. While her latest EP, Desire Path, shows a more dramatic, dynamic flair in Totemo’s songwriting, with catchier melodies and funkier rhythms being newly discovered characteristics.


Junny is someone who isn’t just a wonderful artist to introduce yourself to, but is SoundCloud at it’s best, revealing a whole community of friends, who act as guest rappers and producers, to explore, such as Lil Gimch, Block Odlin and yelloasis. Junny is based in Vancouver, but much of his music is linguistically Korean and he’s already opened for khiphop notables Giriboy and Black Nut. He shares common traits with Korean R&B artist as he glides effortlessly between pure hearted vocals and chilled rap over a bed of bouncy synths and sensual swagger. Age [21], his most recent project, is Junny at his most confidant with highlights in the sinister twinkles of ‘Trilla’ and the airy catchiness of ‘Getaway’.


As a Swedish synthpop duo, RABBII (Revolutions Are Best Before Initial Inception) have a potent history to live up to – which they thankfully achieve in their deeply ingrained political message and even more recognisable catchiness. A more substantial project is definitely worth anticipating from them, given their consistently excellent singles, such as the playful vocals of ’Why Can’t I Be You’, dramatic soundscapes ‘Hang Us High’ and club-infused, politically charged ‘All Men Must Die’, which has led to the must-cop creation of a red, Trump-style “all men must die” cap.

Connor Cass

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