UTM Podcast #8: Goofy Returns 2.8 HD RemiXXX

Welcome to UTM Podcast 8.78539 358/2 HD Episode 1! It’s more colloquially known as UTM Podcast 8.

After a brief chat about our boys Brockhampton and their excellent new record Saturation II, we talk about XXXtentacion for the first (and probably last) time on the podcast. He’s riding high on the commercial success of his debut album 17 despite some pretty serious allegations, so we share our thoughts on the morality of publications giving coverage to an artist as problematic as XXX… whilst ironically doing exactly that ourselves.

We also talk about the new XCOM 2 expansion just long enough for Joe to slip in one of THOSE jokes before getting into the topic of remakes vs. remasters, with the recent Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake being the centrepieces of discussion. Goofy makes a very welcome appearance.

You can also stream the podcast below:

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