Watch Our Editor Waste his Money on Overwatch Loot Boxes

Our editor, Nathan, has been completely obsessed with getting the Overwatch Summer Games skins. When the end of the event drew nearer, he started making jokes about buying loot boxes with real money, and it was pretty funny because who spends money on cosmetic items?!

Then he joked about it more. Then he started getting real mad, because he wasn’t getting ANY of the new skins. Then it became less of a joke, and more of a moral decision as to whether or not it would be okay to waste money on cosmetic items in a video game. Then he did it anyway, much to the dismay of his girlfriend.

His justification: “If it makes for a funny vid and people enjoy it, it’s money well spent. But only if I get some got damn summer skins.”

Watch him waste his hard-earned money on loot boxes below:

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