Ghost Adventures is Pretty Hilarous

Ghost Adventures is a super-serious show about a bunch of dudebros finding evidence of the paranormal, but what sets it apart from the other ghost hunting shows is how goddamn funny it is.

Being in an intensely frightening situation, you’re always on the verge of crying or screaming – it’s very emotional. So it’s a massive relief when that tension is sliced by comedic relief, and that’s the real charm of Ghost Adventures. Here are the funniest moments from the show.

Aaron Offers a Ghost some Money

What do you do when you’re in an elevator in a building that has all power shut off, but the elevator suddenly lights up and the doors close?

Yeah ghosts may not be corporeal, but they can still be swayed by a bit of bribery. Stack them ghost dollars.

Bed Vibrations

Sometimes in these tense situations, innuendos are the last thing on your mind. After hearing noises and feeling movements on a bed notorious for paranormal activity, Zak requests that Aaron acts as a confirmation of what’s going on, but his words come out a bit strange.

“It’s the paranormal.”

Zak’s Poetry Recital Gone Wrong

I think the ghosts did this to stop the awful poem tbf.

He Just Winked at me, Bro

The kid recording is kind of annoying but this is Aaron in top form.

Old Man Humphries Freaks Everyone Out

Something about the Bristolian accent and the strange stare of Old Man Humphries really creeps everyone out – Zak’s face says it all.

Aaron’s Reaction to Seeing a Frog On Top of a Dead Pig

I don’t know what the significance of it is either, but it is probably bad.

Nathan Butler

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