UTM Discuss: Overwatch ‘Maining’

One thing we’ve noticed while playing Overwatch recently is how many people will instantly lock in one hero, and not play any others even when they’re doing terribly. You know that Hanzo who couldn’t hit a barn door, and the Genji who doesn’t realise he’s too far forward for anyone to heal him.

It’s a curious trait, and one that isn’t really rewarded in a team-based game, but we still see players every game who pick their ‘main’ and go off to do their own stuff. We discussed our own ‘mains’, and the impact that ‘maining’ has on the game.

How it feels to be a Mercy main.

First off, who is your ‘main’?

Connor: Attack Bastion. In any situation.

Mark: Clint-Jesse McCree Wayne.

Josh: D. Va.

Nathan: I am technically a Mercy main, but I mained too hard and I got fed up of playing her. But I still love her.

Tom: I don’t play her mainly, but I identify as a Sombra main, thank you.

Rich: Bastion or Soldier 76 cuz those are the best for 360 no scope FPS pros.

Connor: Fuck off, Rich.

Mark: Cod-boy.

Rich: Damn, I have been rumbled. I also really enjoy Mercy and Reinhardt!

Joe: I don’t main because I am good.

Josh: You’re a Doomfist main, Joe.

Joe: Mate, I’m an ambidextrous main.

Connor: The definition of a ‘main’ is lost here.

Rich: The concept of a main is a bit lame though. Whenever I solo queue I almost always end up playing with people who main x character and it sucks.

Absolutely 100% accurate.

Why did you gravitate towards your ‘main’?

Connor: I am tragically terrible at FPS games, so a character that just has to sit and shoot suits me perfectly. Don’t even have to aim.

Joe: You do, to be good.

Connor: Yeah, I’ve got 8% weapon accuracy!

Mark: You guys told me to play, and I couldn’t decide on a character in the select menu. Picked Clint because he looks like Clint and that’s how I became a Clint main.

Nathan: I picked Mercy as a way to fill the gaping void of Healers and get validation from my teammates. It didn’t work. No one appreciates me.

Mark: I appreciate you. I need healing.

Connor: You’ve had some pretty sick PotGs though.

Nathan: It’s nice to be appreciated.

Tom: I had no clue about the game though so I think I just picked Sombra cuz hacky chick.

Josh: Mainly because D.Va’s a massive fucking troll and you get to fly around in a big ass mecha. I also find her backstory very cool and the idea of people getting recruited into military because they’re good at FPS games doesn’t sound that farfetched any more.

Nathan: … I was fully expecting your answer to be “South Korea”. And I would’ve been fine with it.

Joe: South Korea gonna need them streamers the way things are going tbh.

Rich: Soldier 76 is great to get started with, cuz he’s a strong offensive hero who can help out the rest of the team with healies.

Josh: Soldier’s also a great Dad – check out UTM’s Best Video Game Dads article to discover why!!!

Nathan: Nice plug!

Connor: Everyone has really interesting backstories to their main choice but mine is just “the character I am least trash at.”

Tom: Your answer is my favourite, Connor.

Dad 76 posing with his £200 A-Salt Rifle from B&Q. Mum 76 thinks it was a waste of money.

Why do you think ‘maining’ is a thing in Overwatch?

Connor: People probably get super comfortable with a certain character and run with it.

Tom: Yeah, that.

Connor: It’s kinda weird when the game is so heavy on team composition.

Mark: The cast is diverse af and it takes time to get used to a character. Especially when you’re up against skillful players online.

Josh: In any game with distinctive characters and personalities people will naturally identify or relate to one more than others.

Nathan: Yeah I agree – the heroes are distinctive and people relate to them. If you wanna help everyone, you’ll play maybe Mercy. If you wanna do your own thing and stay away from important stuff like THE POINT, you’ll pick Widow or Hanzo.

Joe: I also think it’s a little bit of people coming from fighting games rather than MOBAs, tbh. This game is kinda like if TF2 combined with a MOBA, where team roles actually do matter. It’s not a game where you’ll always do best when you pick who you, individually, are best at.

Mark: I’m best at Genji stuff.

Nathan: Check out UTM’s Overwatch Highlight Reel to see Mark do some Genji Stuff!!!

What do you think of the people who ‘main’ heroes who are more situational i.e. Torbjorn, Hanzo, Symmetra, Sombra… Bastion?

Joe: I think they are trash people and even worse friends.

Nathan: … do you wanna @ Connor??? Hahaha.

Tom: Appreciate all you Torbjorn mains. Keep doing your thing.

Mark: They’re bloody idiots.

Joe: Torb main is the only viable strat.

Nathan: I feel like it’s a pretty good idea to get good with those situational heroes for when they can be clutch af, but to play something like Symmetra on a really open map when you’re clearly going to be a detriment to the team that’s fucking dumb and you’re ruining other peoples’ fun.

Joe: Plus, more than anything, it’s boring.

Rich: What’s the fun in getting 482106094 eliminations if you lose every match horribly cuz you’re not playing for the team?

Tom: That’s why I don’t play Sombra in comp at all really. She’s too difficult and situational and requires too much communication.

Connor: I found out a few days ago that other mains can be fun. s/o Tracey.

Joe: “other mains”

Mark: Hahahaha

Nathan: Connor is now using “mains” as an interchangeable word for characters.

Joe: lmfao

Connor: it’s the same way I use “banger”!


Mark: I wonder if that’s a Daily Mail headline waiting to happen.

Easy mistake to make.

Is it better to be really, really good with one hero or okay with many heroes?

Joe: Neither, get good at all of them u scrub-o.

Nathan: It’s so good when you get a REEEEALLY good D.Va or Winston main cuz they can absolutely wreck right now, but I feel it’s better to be average with a few heroes because often, just doing your job/role to an acceptable level within a team is all you need to win.

Connor: I think the latter, definitely, considering the game requires you to pick a hero based on game mode and team composition… which i never do lmao.

Tom: I think people have shown that for your own rank it’s better to be really good at one hero. I like flex players though.

Mark: I guess it would depend on that hero. I recommend people try picking out one hero per class. I suppose that’s not really answering the question.

Nathan: Smart suggestion though.

Joe: I think the former depends on who your main is. If your main is hanzo ur deadweight idc.

Nathan: Wow, shots fired.

Joe: I was gonna say Bastion, but I thought I’d lay off Connor for a bit.

Connor: You’re a big city bully boy.

What is your initial reaction when, say, 4 other people pick DPS? Do you fill, or do you play what you want?

Connor: I do what I want.

Rich: I tend to shout at the TV for a bit before reluctantly just picking Mercy for the 5th time in a row.

Nathan: My initial reaction when I first started playing was to fill in, but that usually meant playing Mercy which I’ve done so many times that I’m so tired of doing it now. Now, I’m a bit more selfish and might pick a DPS if I feel like it because I know Josh or Em will definitely fill lol. But nah, I do still fill.

Tom: For me, it depends on my mood. 50/50 fill or add to the shit comp.

Josh: I passive-aggressively click other characters until they change.

Nathan: looooool classic Overwatch toxicity!

Connor: Check out the UTM piece on picking healers: “Who Is Healing U Fucks: The Importance of Healies in Overwatch“!

Joe: I try to compromise and do a mix of both, filling the role but most of the time try to do so that I’m still gonna have a good time myself.

Mark: If I’m playing competitive, I’m more thoughtful of the composition. I’m okay to use any of McCree, D.Va, Ana and perhaps a few more DPS. If the composition has gone completely to shit, then I just revert to McCree and hope for the best.

Nathan: Probably not the best hero to pick if the comp is already shit lol. But I get it, do what you’re best at and all that.

Connor: Ultimately you wanna have fun playing the game, sometimes the character that would be best isn’t one you enjoy playing.

Joe: Yeah, but you know what’s also not fun? Losing.

Nathan: I think that’s why there’s so many Hanzo mains, because he’s fun to play… but yeah, losing sucks. and not getting FUCKING SUMMER SKINS SUCKS TOO SORT IT OUT JEFF.

Do you think you will ever change your ‘main’ for a sick new hero? Or do you have to warm to newer heroes like Doomfist?

Joe: Hell yeah I’m a hero slut! Sorry, “main slut.”

Josh: If they give me a bigger mecha, I might be inclined to change from D.Va.

Rich: I’m always trying to learn new characters as I get bored very easily.

Tom: I tend to hate new heroes cuz of change, or because they’re over popularised.

Connor: Yeah, every team is gonna have one for months. You get sick of seeing ’em let alone playing them.

Mark: Once my rank increases, I will probably face higher skilled players which may require me to be smarter with my character selection. I’m open to different heroes, but probably not many more from the current roster.

Nathan: If there’s a sick new support character, I’ll be all over it if they’re cool and interesting. I’ll always go back to Mercy cuz she has the confident, matter-of-fact personality that I love. And she’s easy as hell to be good with. 3 man rez and you got everyone on your dick like they supposed to be. s/o that Paul Banks hip hop mixtape, titled ‘Everybody on my Dick Like They Supposed to Be’.

Mark: “Hendem shnannly” – heroes never die.

Nathan: Mark, didn’t you study German for 3 years?

Mark: Nope, but we can pretend.

Nathan: Then your poor German translation is excused.

Mark: Iche bin kugelschreiber.

Connor: UTM team is damn educated.

Tom: Strassekopf.

Joe: Nein gravelstein.


*Josh still typing out response*

Nathan: Josh you can finish your point.

Josh: I was just gonna put “SCHEIßE!!!”

Nathan: Oh. Cool.

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