UTM Podcast #7: Get On The Point

It’s time for another instalment of the UTM Podcast – and this one proves we won’t be reaching Grandmaster rank for competitive podcasting anytime soon…

After skimming through a few news items, we get to dissecting Tyler, The Creator‘s latest album Flower Boy. The general consensus suggests that it’s his best work to date, but we get in depth on just what makes this record bloom above the rest of his discography.

We also discuss YouTuber videogamedunkey’s controversial video on game critics and the responsibilites both individuals on the YouTube platform and the ‘traditional’ games media need to keep in mind when hurling criticisms at games and each other.

There’s also a shitload of tomfoolery along the way, as per usual…

You can also stream the podcast here:

You can catch up on previous episodes of the UTM Podcast via the playlist below. Make sure to subscribe to the UTM YouTube channel so that you never miss a podcast – and look out for news on some additional places you’ll be able to listen in shortly:

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