Who Is Healing U Fucks: The Importance Of Healies In Overwatch

We’ve all been there, having somehow overcome the combined obstacles of the other team being in a party and your own team being total scrub-tier COD-kids, you’re somehow right on the cusp of the objective. You’ve definitely just achieved the play of the game with your top-tier Genji tekkerz, your ULT’s charged, you’re ready to go, but you then realise the rest of your aforementioned scrub tier team are dead – they died a long time ago – then bang, so are you.

It’s a scenario all too familiar in Overwatch, and it’s a shame, why should your gold level skillset be so badly tarnished, when all you wanted to do was get your ’28 eliminations 2 deaths’ on? Ultimately that’s because so many people seem to go into the game with a call of duty lone wolf 360noscope mindset and just go with the main they want to get kills with. In some games, this mindset can be annoying – but in Overwatch, it’s positively toxic. Sure, you might be a sick Reaper or Hanzo main and you might be really effective, even with a shit-tier team you‘ll still be raking in those loot boxes. But inversely, if you’re reading this and you’re that person that never heals, whilst simultaneously complaining about scrub-tier COD-kiddies on matchmaking, you are what’s wrong with Overwatch, because you should know better.

Losing in Overwatch is inherently frustrating, because it’s a game in which you will not carry a shitty team to victory, and if your team aren’t playing as a team, it can seem pretty hopeless. Due to its MOBA-esque design, it’s a game that necessitates team play, and team play isn’t just grouping together, it’s about thinking of and working with your teammates. Winning requires synergy – a team must be made up of a combination of heroes who compliment each other’s abilities and MUST, if you want to consistently win, have at least one healer.

At first, healing might seem like a boring, fruitless venture – just following people around, shooting ‘em with your healie-stick so they don’t die – why the fuck should you help these fucking scrubs do anything? But that’s not the case, Mercy, the most straightforward on the healing spectrum, is one of the easiest heroes in the game to get into – but she’s also one of the heroes who can deliver the best support. Healing isn’t really about getting kills (although her pistol packs a surprisingly merky punch), but as previously mentioned – you shouldn’t be going into the game solely wanting to rack up your kills. Healing is the most effective way to help a struggling team out, because without healing (and boosting) from support heroes, once you’ve lost half your hit points, you’re going to have to wait ‘til you die for the next ones.

It’s healing that leads to some of the best plays you’ll ever come across in Overwatch, whilst perfectly timed ULT’s never go amiss, there’s nothing better than getting a bloodless play of the game from an impeccably timed resurrection ULT. This should give you satisfaction from helping other people, enabling your team to be more aggressive, rewarding ballsy plays with healies, and setting an example for the rest of your team to play as a team.

Even if you’re one of those dudes playing for that sweet ego boost, effective healers will find themselves as the MVPs most of the time. If you want to rake in those rare af voice lines, it’s common sense to go heal your teammates, as good healers (i.e. those who heal everyone, not just their m8s) rake in a lot of points through healing, boosting and otherwise aiding their team. The difference even a beginner level healer can do for a struggling team is irreparable, you might actually find that perhaps your team aren’t total scrubs, that perhaps they’re perfectly good players struggling without those all important healies.

Ultimately, there’s no excuse for not healing in some capacity. If you’re on a team with a bunch of scrub ass kids, you should take the initiative and start healing, as there’s no better way to exemplify Overwatch’s synergetic team spirit. It’s the bigger thing to do, and even if your team still fails horribly – you’ve done everything you can, and maybe you’ll even have taught someone else a lesson. Overwatch is a game all about the team, lone wolves won’t cut it, so if there’s no-one else on your team healing, suck it up and heal for the greater good.

Richard Lowe

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