UTM Podcast #6: Give Us A JPEG, At Least

UTM Podcast #6 is here – and this time we’ve got EXCLUSIVE(!) first takes on some trending topics in the world of music and video games.

First up, we discuss the latest project from UTM favourites Brockhampton – Saturation. It’s an intriguing discussion that outlines the leaps and bounds in which they’ve all grown as artists over the past few years that also stems a conversation about how some critics should probably refrain from reviewing records they’re so far removed from.

We also delve deep into this year’s E3, combing through every conference with much detail and uh, much animosity. There’s some mixed feelings towards pirates, some mixed feelings towards zombies and some mixed feelings towards video game dads – nothing but praise for those glock-slinging Rabbids, though.

You can also stream the podcast here:

You can catch up on previous episodes of the UTM Podcast via the playlist below. Make sure to subscribe to the UTM YouTube channel so that you never miss a podcast:

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