UTM Podcast #5: Persona, Let’s Not Do That Today

The fifth episode of the UTM Podcast is here – and quite frankly, we never saw it coming.

With two of our regulars absent, the remaining members of the team dive deep into the stylish JRPG extravaganza that is Persona 5. We gush over the game’s incredible UI and sense of style, its impact on turn-based RPGs going forward and mull over the reasons as to why Morgana and Yusuke are such assholes. The fabled conversation piece of “who is best girl?” even makes an appearance – sadly, only one member of the team identifies her correctly though. We’ll leave the answer up to your interpretation to avoid further conflict there…

As a one time exclusive to the podcast, this episode also contains some beard ASMR courtesy of Josh – so hopefully a niche portion of our audience can enjoy that audio, uh, treat. That’ll be absent next time, promise.

You can also stream the podcast here:

You can catch up on previous episodes of the UTM Podcast via the playlist below. Make sure to subscribe to the UTM YouTube channel so that you never miss a podcast – including the next exciting addition which will be all about E3:

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