Forest Swords Has a New Album, Watch Video for ‘Arms Out’

It’s been four long and painful years since Matthew Barnes AKA Forest Swords released Engravings, but the news of a new album entitled Compassion accompanied by a music video for ‘Arms Out’ has done a lot to ease our suffering.

Directed by Barnes and Sam Wiehl, ‘Arms Out’ has a similarly creepy vibe to previous videos for ‘Thor’s Stone’ and ‘The Weight of Gold’, featuring more contortionism and unsettling ritualism. Check it out below:

Check out the album art and track list below, too:


1. War It
2. The Highest Flood
3. Panic
4. Exalter
5. Border Margin Barrier
6. Arms Out
7. Vandalism
8. Sjurvival
9. Raw Language
10. Knife Edge

Engravings is a UTM favourite, so naturally we’re super excited for Compassion. Judging by what we’ve seen so far, it’s likely to be another highly-regarded release.

Nathan Butler

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