UTM Podcast #1: Astro Boy Is On The Way

Hello everyone, long time no post!

While we’ve been away, the world has gone to shit. There’s a lizard posing as a human living at 10 Downing Street, some famous people died and Bobby Shmurda still isn’t free. It’s probably a coincidence, but we thought we’d best make a comeback to rule out the possibility that UTM was making the world a better place.

And so, here is the very first Up The Monitors Podcast! In part one of a two part special, we talk about albums we’re looking forward to in 2017. There’s hot debate regarding the title of the next Travis Scott album, several instances of mistaken identity and an equal share of spilt spaghetti from the whole crew.

You can also stream the podcast here:

You can look forward to Part Two coming soon, where we move from music into video games and discuss what we’re excited for this year.

While you wait, check out this handy playlist of artist featured on the first podcast:

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