Gorillaz Might Be Collaborating With Vic Mensa

We’re very aware that Gorillaz are making their long-awaited return this year, but we’ve heard very little in the way of features – something that’s been integral to every album released.

Now, through a post on Instagram, it’s pretty clear that Vic Mensa is going to be featured on the album. Producer Remi Kabaka, who is the voice of Gorillaz’s Russel Hobbs, shared the image of someone in the studio, but astute Reddit user JordanPowers95 noted that Kabaka originally tagged the photo with ‘@VicMensa’ as the caption, but has since removed the title. The leather jacket is a giveaway, too.

It’s not really a huge surprise seeing as Vic joined Damon Albarn onstage at Governor’s Ball in 2014 to perform ‘Clint Eastwood’, but Vic will have to pull off something spectacular if he wants to be remembered as one of the best features on a Gorillaz album. Check out the ‘Clint Eastwood’ performance below.

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