10 Funniest Episodes of Over/Under

If you’re unfamiliar with the format of Pitchfork’s Over/Under video series, it’s pretty simple. They give an artist some topics and they have to decide whether it’s overrated or underrated. It’s simple, slightly ridiculous but almost always funny, so we’ve compiled a list of our ten favourite episodes of Over/Under.

Best Coast/Wavves

Nathan from Wavves and Bethany from Best Coast aren’t together anymore and that’s sad, because they were so adorable. Indie rock’s cherished couple went completely opposite ways on the opening spork debate and got through it without choking each other. That’s true love.

Waka Flocka Flame

“You can call me a bitch, a pussy, whatever you wanna call me on Earth…” What is Waka Flocka talking about? He obviously doesn’t mind what you call him – he’s not doing this shit. Must be some serious shit, right? Tank full of snakes? Nope. The frontline of a war? Nah. You can call Waka Flocka WHATEVER you want, but he WILL NOT go in the ocean.


Shoutout to p4k for asking this question because we would never have known that not only does T-Pain believe in ghosts, but he has an incredible story to go with it. He states that he has two ghosts in his house that are fighting each other with such nonchalance that I don’t think it’s too absurd to suggest he has made friends with them too.

Vince Staples

Here we have a rapper who grew up affiliated with gangs and had some crazy shit happen to him, yet he manages to make us laugh in every interaction he has. Where does this calm, witty exterior come from? We have no idea, but he pulls it off – more than three times.


British audiences are probably less familiar with Bob Ross, but if I say “that painter dude with a fro,” y’all know who it is. You’ll probably say “oh yeah, he’s chill af!” But what’s the flipside to that? FlyLo and Thundercat ask the questions no one wants to think about.

Run The Jewels

Run The Jewels’ Killer Mike and El-P take on just about everyone here, from God to Hulk Hogan. Whether it’s, uh, interesting factoids about El’s time at summer camp, or Mike’s incredible rant on the trials fatherhood, they prove to have as much comedic chemistry as they do musically.

Suck his dick Hogan!

Neon Indian

The latest over/under is also the one that’s quickest at providing the laughs as Alan Palomo declare designer coffins “six feet underrated.” He nails his Patrick Stewart impression too.

Das Racist

In a dumb fashion that only Das Racist could achieve, the topic of Sofia Coppola descends into google image searching for “Cee Lo nudes” complete with back up dancer Dapwell miming jacking off.

Danny Brown

90% of the laughs in Danny Brown‘s over/under is simply provided by his infectious cackle, but you can’t blame him cause everything he says is goddamn funny. He riles at cereal eating fiends, proves his love of cats and wisely chooses to label North Korea underrated (“THEY GOT NUCLEERZ, CUUUHZ”)

Hannibal Buress

As the only comedian (no, Lonely Island don’t count) to take on over/under, Hannibal Buress’ turn is undoubtedly hilarious. Here you’ll find his take on breast feeding (“I’m gonna look a little bit”) and a 100% accurate Young Thug impression.

Nathan Butler & Connor Cass

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