Listen: DJ Shadow – Nobody Speak feat. Run The Jewels

DJ Shadow has shared his collaboration with Run The Jewels in the build up to his new album, The Mountain Will Fall. The track entitled ‘Nobody Speak’ clarifies what we all thought: DJ Shadow, El-P and Killer Mike on a track together is hip hop heaven.

DJ Shadow employs guitar strings and brass that dances over a plodding bass, as El-P introduces himself with the sky-high self confidence only someone of his calibre can wield: “Picture this: I’m a bag of dicks/put me to your lips/I am sick/I will punch a baby bear in his shit.”
Killer Mike pulls no punches either: “I am crack/I ain’t lyin’/kick a lion in his crack/I’m the shit.”

In a press release, DJ Shadow said: “Occasionally, I make a beat that demands a specific vocal treatment and attitude. In the case of ‘Nobody Speak,’ I wasn’t going to settle for anyone other than Run The Jewels; in my mind, it was them or no one. Fortunately, they agreed, and they took the track to a place I could never get to on my own. That’s the definition of a rewarding collaboration.”

This is one of those tracks that just had to be made, and with RTJ’s demonstrative rise to recognition, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

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