Monthly Bangers: March

In Monthly Bangers the UTM writers pick a handful of the most lit and intriguing tracks from the past 30(ish) days.

Brockhampton – Cotton Hollow

You really get the feeling Brockhampton ain’t fucking around when they call themselves an “All-American boyband.” ‘Cotton Hollow’ from their debut mixtape All-American Trash (which you should totally go cop now for free, ya dingus) is a melting pot of emotive chanteurs, conscientious production and straight up bars that encapsulates what Brockhampton are all about.

‘Cotton Hollow’ isn’t traditionally boy band-ish, but with lines like “falling for the wrong one/feeling like the right time/but at least I felt something/think I’m losing my mind,” one can easily imagine Brockhampton on stage in front a million screaming fans, dying at the realisation they will never be this close to their idols again.

If the above situation doesn’t happen in the future, or at least if Brockhampton don’t become the new archetypal boyband, the world is officially fucked up.


Totemo – Seesaw

Following last year’s excellently mystical ep Heavy As My Dreams, Totemo steps away from her dreams and opts for something more attention-grabbing in ‘Seesaw’. The funky bassline throbs are the tracks immediate draw, while guitars playfully dancing in the background will keep you captivated.  The tracks chorus is barely signposted by any changes in dynamic, instead it invites you to be charmed by a quiet earworm of a vocal hook, proving ‘Seesaw’ as a successful game to balance the subtle with the immediate.

Rell – Masterplan

Are you pissed off with your job, sick of the 24 hour grind? In todays world it’s all too easy to get lost in the capitalist hell we live in, to give up and get a cushy 9-5 job in an office somewhere. ‘Masterplan’, the Lead single from Raider Klan affiliate Rell’s album LostAndFound kicks off with a minimal, wavey beat, perfectly engineered by Michael Brandon. Brandon generates a static, shining, synth laden beat for Rell’s determination flecked bars to be dropped over. If there’s one message to be had from this tune, it’s one of liberation; tell your boss to fuck off, quit your bullshit job and follow your dreams before it’s too late.

Capo Lee ft. P Money, Footsie & President T– Liff Remix

Whilst ‘Liff’ was probably one of the biggest under the radar grime tunes of 2015, Capo has become a household name in the last 12 months, he has returned this March with  grime heavyweights P. Money, Footsie and Prez T in tow for the remix of 2015 banger ‘Liff’. Needless to say the remix is up to speed with the original, as aforementioned grime heavyweights come through with absolute fire. It’s rare to see such a quality collection of veteran MC’s on anyone’s track these days, let alone a newcomer like Capo Lee and it’s awesome to see such a satisfying collection of veterans alongside the newcomers, showing us all how it’s done.

Ten Dixon – Same Shit (feat. Christie)

W.A.V.E Gang have so far been one of the strongest grime crews of the year so far, pretty much every tune, EP and live session from any and all W.A.V.E gang affiliates since late 2015 has gone off in a big way(you could say they’re making big W.A.V.Es in the grime scene).

Ten Dixon does not let up on this particular banger, repping W.A.V.E and bringing the fire on standout tune ‘Same Shit’ from his recently released Skeng Ten mixtape. This tune is all about Ten Dixon’s bars, whilst the psychedelic, cannabis themed hook is remniscent of Father at his catchiest, every single milisecond Dixon is spitting is pure, unadultered fire. His raging, hip hop inflected, million mile an hour flow captivates and hypes to levels unknown.

Baauer – Temple ft. M.I.A & G-Dragon

Baauer went travelling around the world to find sounds for his album Aa and he found M.I.A, G-Dragon, east Asian synths and jungle sounds. It already sounds sick, don’t it? I don’t need to explain this track any more than that. M.I.A raps “got my lookout, girls got fit boys to look at/tiger’s room, what the fuck you looking shook at?”

Just go listen to it already.

Chino Amobi – Warszawa

Who doesn’t love weird, wavey proto-grime and who doesn’t love Poland? Fresh from starting off 2016 with a bunch of dissonant grimey, industrial soundscapes with American experimentalist RabitNon affiliate  Chino Amobi’s weird ass collection of crystalline, city themed soundscapes Airport Music For Black Folk has been one of the most unique albums of the year so far. ‘Warszawa’ mixes up bigman grime banger sounds with abstracted form to create an engrossing, danceable, but at the same time weirdly dissonant atmosphere.

Archetype – Papizh

If there’s one thing about an artist I appreciate more than anything, it’s a strong sample game.

Archetype’s ‘Papizh’ is ruminating deep tech lasting a glorious nine minutes, and the sample is of Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh, a Russian voice artist who you honestly have to hear to believe. His operatic chimes ripple over the ominous instrumental, making for a semi-transcendental experience.

If anyone remembers the Hitman games as well as I do, you’ll no doubt emphatically agree that ‘Papizh’ would improve the games’ club/rave missions by one million percent. In fact, let’s start a petition to replace Hitman composer Jesper Kyd with Archetype, and have every future Hitman mission set in a rave.

At the very least, I’ll for more on-point sampling from Archetype. But I want that Hitman game, for real.

Paloalto – Fancy (feat. DEAN & Sway D)

With a video heavy on a e s t h e t I c, ‘Fancy’ sees Hi-Lite records leader Paloalto take a sombre and contemplative look at the universal negative emotions of drinking culture. Both Paloalto and Sway D keep their individual verses on the deadpan side, giving the hook-handling DEAN extra power when it comes to his smooth yet passionate vocals. However, the biggest power punch on ‘Fancy’ comes from the instrumental, as it predominately leans on a mysterious synth swirl and a brooding bassline.

Nathan Butler, Connor Cass and Richard Lowe

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