Great Doggos in Video Games

Everyone likes dogs and everyone likes games.

Here’s a list of some great dogs in games and their pros and cons, but there aren’t any cons because dogs are the best.

Dogmeat – Fallout Series

Doggos Dogmeat

+ German Shepherd 10/10

+ He can do stuff like pick up things and fight for you

+ Fashion orientated – looks good with a bandana

Doggos Dogmeat

Mabari – Dragon Age

doggos dragon age

+ War hounds

+ Sturdy af

+ You can put warpaint on them to give bonuses

+ They also give you stuff occasionally

+ Great and loyal companion

Chop – GTA V

Doggos Chop

+ A massive bundle of dog

+ Can charge at enemies

+ Sniffs people out

+ He can play catch and you can teach him tricks

Barbas – Skyrim

Doggos Barbas

+ It’s a talking dog what more do you want?

+ If you kill him you are heartless and don’t talk to me

+ He can be a lil shit and kinda annoying

+ But still a dog

+ Fus Ro Dog

Growlithe – Pokémon Red & Blue

Doggos Growlithe

+ Also a dog

+ Loyal doggo

+ Can smell the emotion of others

+ Evolves into Arcanine – another great dog

Angelo – Final Fantasy VIII

+ Sick moves (see video above)

  • Missile dog
  • Did you not see that wrestling move?
  • He can basically leap into space
  • Can make your whole party invisible
  • Blasts your enemies into the void

+ Can give potions

+ Can revive people

+ Can search for stuff

+ Basically an all round 10/10 dog

Doggos Angelo

K.K. Slider – Animal Crossing

Doggos K.K. Slider

+ Plays guitar

+ Just a chill guy really

Wolfie – Until Dawn

Doggos Wolfie

+ Yes, technically he is a wolf but who cares

+ Ray of light in a game that makes you want to throw up a little bit

D-Dog – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Doggos D-Dog Eye Patch

+ Just a cute dog with an eyepatch, no biggie

+ Great companion

+ Also a dog

Doggos D-Dog

Here is a really good website dedicated to dogs in games.

Emily Gunn

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