10 Times Vince Staples Was Lowkey the Funniest Rapper

Kanye once said that rappers are the new rockstars. We say rappers are the new comedians. ODB (R.I.P) was one. Danny Brown is one. Y’all probably know how funny we think RiFF RAFF is by now. However, one rapper is making a name for himself when it comes to giving us the giggles, and his name is Vince Staples. Here’s 10 times he made us choke on our own spit.

1. That Time He Knew His Lobster Facts

2. That Time He Wanted Journalists To Ask The Hard Questions

Not sure about the best, but Burger King fries are better than McDonalds and obviously, ketchup is a necessary condiment.

Fuck the Colonel.

3. That Time He Begged Pigeons Not To Shit On Him

4. That Time He Made 90s Hip Hop Fans Mad

Vince clapped back with this Ultra Combo Finisher:

5. That Time He Vehemently Denied Having Threesomes With Tyler, The Creator

6. That Time He Gave Props To Ludacris

7. That Time He Compared Michael Jordan To Donald Trump

8. That Time He Called Will Smith’s Outfit Trash (And Gave Him A 10 Anyway)

9. That Time His Unrequited Love For Sprite Landed Him A Commercial

10. That Time He Succinctly Told Us Why Tom Cruise Is Underrated

Nathan Butler

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