RiFF RAFF List: His 5 Most Inspirational Lyrics

Rap is full of inspirational fellows, including, obviously, our reigning basedgod Lil B, Kanye (yes, he fucking is), and Future, if you feel inspired by bangers and bad decisions that is. Somehow RiFF RAFF is rarely namechecked as an inspiration, I blame dad rap loving hiphopheads (as I do for everything bad in this world.) However, it’s time we gave the Peach Panther the recognition he deserves as an inspirational leader, for reasons such as his vigilance in his mission to keep the letter i uncapitalised, his success leading to a diet including Versace Lasagne and the fact he lives in a goddamn codeine castle, which is ultimately where we all striving to end up (yes, your fucking are.)

I could make more photoshops for this, but I’m beginning to worry that Adobe will send their irl lawyers to stop me creating awful art in their name (paint, i’m coming for you next). But the laws of music journalism means that this has gotta be somehow relevant, so here’s some wonderful, and VERY RELEVANT, images to accompany these very inspirational quotes I discovered when delving into the very depths of Genius.

“Sometimes the bad things seem to outweigh the good things/But it’s not always gonna be like that”
Jody 3 Moons – RiFF RAFF

The Moon

“And it’s okay to just go ahead and let them tears fall like waterfall/Like Versace little rain drops”
Jody 3 Moons – RiFF RAFF

The Moon, again

“There’s some memories we can’t get back/Some of the good cherished memories that we just can’t remember”
Jody 3 Moons – RiFF RAFF

crescent moon
The Moon once more, but shaped different

“I want you to be nice to everybody you’re around”
Jody 3 Moons – RiFF RAFF

Not The Moon, but the Moon’s dad I guess

“You close your eyes and you dream about a better place”
Jody 3 Moons – RiFF RAFF

The Moon, duh


Connor Cass

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