Kano’s Made in the Manor is the Album the UK Needs

Grime veteran Kano released his first album in 6 years today, and JEEEEZ it’s phenomenal. Made in the Manor is Kano’s 5th full-length album, and it’s resplendent with bangers, bars and authentic nostalgia as the East Ham MC takes us back to his childhood and around his ends.

Outstanding tracks previewed before the album drop are all on the final cut (‘New Banger’, ‘Hail’, ‘3 Wheel-ups’, ‘GarageSkankFreestyle’, ‘Endz’ and ‘Flow of the Year’), and the rest of the album maintains the same level of finesse. The tracks are not only genuine depictions of life outside of the BuzzFeed, middle class ‘remember these gel pens?’ childhoods, but feature production unlike anything else in grime. Kano can sit on his throne grinning, confident that he’s killing it both in grime and outside.

This is the England most people aren’t used to; the East End tales of laughter, community, hardship and family from a man who has lived it, made it and now gives his first hand account of a story that needs to be heard by everyone.

Made in the Manor could well mark the start of the new ‘essential grime’ albums, something that’s been lacking in the genre since the glory days of Home Sweet Home. It’s more than grime though. Britain is having an identity crisis when it comes to homegrown music – the same rusty guitar bands are churning out drivel and shrivelling up in the sun, meanwhile the Kanos and Stormzys of England are starting to flower. It’s time to let them grow, and usher in a new sound that we can be proud of.

Watch the Made in the Manor documentary below.

Cop Made in the Manor on iTunes here.

Nathan Butler

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