RiFF RAFF LIST: The Best Of “Rap Game…”

I’m pretty upset at the internet this week, I was originally planning on putting out my magnum opus of RiFF RAFF list – a beautifully put together collection of fan arts and fan fictions starring the aquaberry admiral. However, for some fucking reason, I cannot find a single heartbreaking tale of love between RiFF RAFF and DJ Khaled.

Whatever, here’s some things he’s said + more god-awful Photoshops.

“Rap Game Super Mario Bros. 3” 
RiFF RAFF’s Twitter

Rap Game SMB3Please fund this Nintendo!

Rap Game Uncle Ben
How To Be A Man – RiFF RAFF

Rap Game Uncle BEn“Aw shit, look who it is, the white….rice”

“Rap Game Michael Myers”
Juice – RiFF RAFF

Rap Game Micheal Myers

Not 100% sure who he meant…

“Rap Game Chevy Chase”
Freeze Dried – RiFF RAFF

Rap Game Chevy Chase

Pierce ;_;

Rap Game Ryu
Drip – Curtis Williams ft. RiFF RAFF

Rap Game RyuI’m awful at video games and have no idea which one’s Ryu. Admire my commitment to not bothering to find out though.

Rap Game Clark Kent
Versace Bentley – RiFF RAFF ft. Soulja Boy

Rap Game Clark Kent

Y’know, the butterscotch boss has an abnormally long head, and my Photoshop skills definitely aren’t superhuman.

“Rap Game Mozart”
Nintendo Freestyle – RiFF RAFF

Rap Game Mozart

I don’t really see how they’re musical genius is comparable, Mozart couldn’t even rap good!

“Rap Game James Franco”
RiFF RAFF’s Twitter

Rap Game James

I’m a cop out, soz.

Connor Cass

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