Download ‘Lil Me’, Wiki’s Debut Album

Ratking’s Wiki released his first solo album for free a couple of weeks back while we were busy remodelling our website, but it was so good we absolutely had to post about it.

Entitled Lil Me, Wiki’s solo release emphatically displays his persona as a mouthy New-Yorkian that has nothing to do except rap, and he does it phenomenally. You’d expect nothing less from a guy who gets so hype off his own shit while performing, he ferociously smashes the mic against his forehead.

Lil Me has a bunch of great guest spots on production as well as tight guest verses, including fellow Ratking members Sporting Life and Hak, Antwon and Harry Fraud, yet none of them, not even Man of the Hour Skepta can take the shine away from Wiki.

No doubt, Lil Me is another project railroading Wiki’s route to being one of the most hard-working and invaluable rappers of the modern era. As someone puts it at the end of ‘3 Stories’:

“the guy eats, sleeps, shits fucking lyrics. That’s all the fucking guy knows how to do. He can’t even wipe his fucking ass, he can’t clean up his room, he can’t do his laundry. All that motherfucker can do is throw rhymes, see words in his fucking sleep and tell the stories of his generation. Ever since I met him, all he ever did was just fucking rap.”

Listen to ‘Lil Me’ below and download it for free from Wiki’s website here.

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