Grime And Class Politics

Read this first. This article from the independent is a fucking piss take.Why? Because what the writer Poppie Platt appears to be saying is that kids who economically come from one tier of the social order can’t like a certain type of music, because of some Victorian idea of the social order. This is bullshit, that’s not to say that the working class in the UK don’t struggle; of course there’s struggle, in the current economic and political climate there’s struggle everywhere, in every section of society, but to merely say that one group of people cannot enjoy something, simply because of economic barriers is incredibly divisive rhetoric for an increasingly divided society.

OHMYGODIMAFUCKINGIDIOTWhy the fuck should uni students who go to grime nights (this also is a big flaw on the part of the author because it assumes that the only people going to university are middle class) be worried about wearing glitter to a rave, one one hand Platt’s going on about how middle class students shouldn’t  wear ‘working class’ clothing to raves but then complains about people wearing fucking glitter because it’s disrespectful or someshit. Why the fuck not? Are people so stricken by poverty and working class struggle that they should just stand around looking miserable at grime raves? Of Course not. You go to a night to enjoy yourself, is Poppie Platt saying there should be a moment of silence for working class struggle, and that all the drunk, pilled up students should stop, stand silence and contemplate the working man’s struggle halfway through ‘Skeng’? Should we be telling kids at Techno nights off for not growing up in Detroit in the 80’s? Of course not, because that would be fucking stupid.

Lol did anyone’s parent’s actually do this?

Just because someone comes from a middle class background doesn’t mean they shouldn’t/can’t understand and appreciate Grime, who gives a fuck about ‘appropriating working class culture’, what does that even mean? The term working class is such a vague definition that it would be mildly offensive to suggest a consistent culture within it. It’s such a bullshit term, what’s being appropriated? working class people live alongside/go to school with/generally associate with middle class people, it’s not impossible for someone who comes from a middle class background to have predominantly working class friends and it’s divisive to suggest that this is the case and it’s defeatist because it suggests we should all be divided. Politicians like David Cameron want us to be divided so he can ruin all of our lives for profit, banging on about fucking how middle class people should only cautiously enjoy grime because it’s part of the working classes culture is playing right into that pig-fucking-fleshy-C3PO-looking cunt’s hands.

Maybe this narrative would be a bit more relevant if figureheads of the Grime scene were doing more to be politically relevant, Skepta and JME could be considered to be the voice of a generation but we aren’t really seeing much in the way of political or social commentary from them at a time where the young people of this country could really be making a positive change for the future. Imagine how the political landscape could change if grime MC’s were to start chatting about what’s really going on in the UK, a whole generation of poorly educated, pissed off kids might see themselves spitting bars about what they see on a daily basis in 2015. Surely if the Grime scene in 2015 was really about working class struggle we’d have people singing about the actual real shit going on in the UK; families living on the poverty line and relying on food banks to eat properly because the ‘democratically elected’ government doesn’t see fit to help out these people, but no, all we hear is telling people to shut up or going on about linking gash for the millionth time.

On the other hand maybe the fun, apolitical aspect of grime is all it needs to be, should people really be politicizing music like grime? it’s the UK’s born and bred strand of hip hop, born from a vibrant rave culture. Maybe we should all just chill the fuck out and realize that Grime is about having fun, it’s about getting gassed, linking gash and hyping, but most importantly it’s about energy and music. Grime isn’t just music, but it’s not entirely representative of working class struggle either. Grime is music for everyone, Grime is the result (and a celebration) of the UK’s strong multicultural heritage, it’s not about working class or middle class or white or black, and who is anyone to dictate what music anyone listens to and appreciates? Pagans.

Richard Lowe

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