Metal, Politics And Conformity, or: Shut The Fuck Up About SJW’s You Basement Dwelling Fucks

It’s a shame that I will, one day, just completely stop listening to metal, in fact if I traveled back in time and mentioned this to my 15 year old self, I would have struck this impostor down with my bare hands, or, more realistically, launched into an angry rant about how I was an impostor and loudly exclaim that METAL IS FOR LIFE IT ISN’T JUST A PHASE I’LL STILL BE LISTENING TO POSSESSED WHEN I’M 40 YOU(me?) CUNT!

There have been many reasons for my moving away from just listening to black metal all the time; I’m not a teenager anymore, I’m not pissed off about fucking everything anymore, university turned me onto so much more music, but really, the culmination of all of this has been the clumsy shoehorning of politics into the internet based Extreme Metal scene.

Whilst I’m more than hap

The author circa 2009 #aesthetic

py to listen to Graveland or Burzum without dabbling in the questionable(and often confusing) political stances that a minority of Black Metal bands take, why can’t everyone just appreciate music for what it is? Why would you discount Sorgsvart’s music simply because of the artists Anarchist political stance and why discount Temnozor off hand simply because they’re white supremacists. Black metal is the purest form of expression; apolitical, nihilistic fury, devoid of conventional human expression, it is an intentionally obfuscated genre of music. So why give a shit about politics if the music’s good?

Since the dawn of the term SJW, somewhere around the time of the sea of shit that was Gamergate, the internet has been awash with edgy fuckboys who listen to too much black metal and apparently see Varg Vikernes as a coherent source of philosophical guidance. Said edgy fuckboys spout all manner of verbal diarrhoea out of their mouths and onto their keyboards about MUH SJW’s and HIPSTER METAL. Whether it’s claiming that anyone and everyone with a leftist political viewpoint is a Social Justice Warrior, or having a hissy fit because people who don’t really look or act like a 90’s stereotype of a black metaller like XYZ band, it’s an incredibly obnoxious trend. Some of these people even make it a point to shoehorn this pseudo political rhetoric into up whining that the new member of a band is a leftist social justice warrior, I’m not going to like this band anymore and this is somehow news worthy. Even Varg Vikernes thinks these people (hardcore black metal elitists) are a joke for fucks sake.

And I woulda gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those damn Censorious SJW’s

Combine this with the overlap of the two demographics of edgy people on the internet and edgy people who listen to black metal and what you get is an obnoxious shitheap of pseudo-intellectual bullshit. Figureheads such as are moving away from previewing awesome old school death metal bands to crusading against anything and everyone with a political opinion (check out the MetalGate section on their website, no really) and it’s really fucking lame, ironically they’re the ones complaining about metal dying, but really, they’re also the ones sealing it’s fate. Even more ironically, they just come across as the polar opposite of their perceived enemy, the SJW.

I will always fondly remember the passion I once had for Thrash and Death Metal and the identity and open minded ideology that I forged for myself through the rugged individualism and fuck you attitude exhibited by the Death/Thrash/Black Metal scenes, but today all I really see is a pack mentality, what was once a lone wolf if now just a pack of rabid dogs, stop trying so hard to be trve kvlt, shut the fuck about SJW’s and just enjoy the music.

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