Peep Show, A Retrospective

Whilst we could have written a Buzzfeed list of our top 10 favourite moments from Peep Show, we’re not going to for two reasons; Number one being that we’re not shit munchers (hopefully neither are you) and number two being that every single moment of Peep Show, every single second of the saga of the El Dude brothers (wooowooo) has been a totally unmissable and unparalleled narrative on the very duality of man. It’d be a shame to cheapen it by picking just 10 moments which we thought were memorable, because, to be honest, every single minute of every single episode was and is something to be cherished and remembered.

Although if there was one moment we had to pick…

Peep Show always has been and always will be fucking hilarious, not in a wacky, 20th century laughter track sitcom way, in a SHOUT AT MARK/JEZ COS HE’S KIND OF AN EXTENSION OF MYSELF AND IS BEING A STUPID FUCKBOY IN MUCH THE SAME WAY I HAVE BEEN IN THE PAST way. The whole appeal of Peep show is that we’ve all been Jeremy and Mark, we’ve all done the same stupid thoughtless things they have and it’s wholly self-satisfying to criticize people on a TV program making stupid mistakes.

Watching Mark and Jez pretend to be real people makes you feel better about your life and all the things you did last week to fuck it up, listening to Mark’s increasingly venomous inner monologues or watching Jeremy’s artistic beatnik facade fade as the series goes on makes you feel a bit better about life, but also worried about your life, because you see yourself in Jez and Mark, they represent humankind’s everlasting internal struggle. It is through the synergy of Mark and Jeremy’ very being that we, as humans can find inner perfection.

There’s two basic energies in the world…

People who say Peep Show’s too cringey are just cringe plebs, of course it’s cringey, it’s relentless, inescapable reality, have you never cringed in real life? Everything about the show is very much based in our reality and that’s what’s made it consistently so funny, every terrible thing that happens and every hilarious consequence across the shows 9 seasons has inhabited the realm of something that could actually happen.

For instance, hiding in a cupboard, we’ve all hidden in a cupboard at some point in our lives, sometimes for fun, sometimes out of gruelling necessity

It’s the things that are so real that they get under your skin that make Peep Show so great, the cringe is part and parcel of the enjoyment of watching someone fuck their life up, a Peep Show, if you will. Over the course of Peep Show’s 9 seasons, we’ve had a claustrophobic, twisted and ultimately hilarious insight into the life of two emotionally crippled losers, it’s not just us watching them do stupid stuff, it’s listening to their thought process aswell. Peep Show has taught us all we will ever need to know about real life through a seemingly endless voyage of failure, awkwardness and terrible decision making.

We’ve all known nasty characters like Jeff or Toni or Simon or Sophie, characters thoroughly well written in a spine chillingly grotesque manner. We’ve all met plausibly terrible people like that before, and we’ve all seen these same people do crazy fucking things. Burning down a rivals barn, framing a love rival for shitting in a pool, literally being a neo-nazi, standing someone up at the alter or crying to I CANT LIVE, IF LIVING IS WITHOUT YOOOOUUUUU in a heap on the floor in real life.

This was probably the worst thing anyone ever did in Peep show though

Peep Show’s taught us all so much about life over its 9 seasons, ultimately it’s showed us that it’s ok to, y’know, be a total trainwreck of a human being. Sometimes it’s funny, if you say you’ve never laughed at someone doing something completely terrible, that will completely fuck their lives up and possibly those of who they love, because of how outlandishly funny the special way they’ve just fucked it all up you’re lying, of course you have.

We’ll all be sad to see Peep Show go forever tomorrow evening, but as we gear up for the grim finale we should reflect on (and be eternally grateful for) it’s rich tapestry of life lessons life lessons; The balance between the (formerly) White Dwarf reading stiff upper lip and the stoned, love addicted pseudo-artesian(THIS IS OUTRAAAGEOUS), is a balance we all must delicately tackle throughout our lives and Peep Show is a brilliant and insightful parable to this struggle.

Richard Lowe

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